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New website launched! Please sign up to continue receiving news

Please note that my website has been refreshed and relaunched, with more information about One Life Writing workshops, classes, local and international retreats, readings, and more.

You’ll also find a list of all my recent and upcoming publications, including short stories, recent journalism, book reviews, and interviews with Canada’s leading authors and creators.

On the new blog site, I explore issues of storytelling and wellness, writing and the literary world, and other topics of interest.

In order to keep receiving my news, and to be eligible for special offers, please visit my website and sign up to receive an occasional, mostly seasonal newsletter.


Reflections on writing mindfully

Over the winter, the good folks at Event magazine asked me to contribute to their annual Notes on Writing issue. After mulling it over, I contributed my thoughts on writing mindfully. What does mindful writing look like? What does it mean? Read more

15 books for Canada 150

The Toronto Star asked its reviewers to choose 3 iconic Canadian books for Canada 150. Read more

Review: Stephen Florida

Consider the most obsessed person you’ve ever met, multiple that obsession a millionfold, and you get Stephen Florida, the eponymous hero of Gabe Habash’s gripping debut novel. Read more